Why journal?

It seems easier than it actually is, to write every single day in a journal. We all want to do it, and we should. Because a true record of who we are as humans comes from how each of us sees the world every day.

I journal because I want to remember. I close my day with a pen in my right hand and a mind full of memories ready to come alive on the paper. When I am old and grey, I want to be able to point to a bookshelf and say to someone, “This is my life. I want to share it with you.” By the grace of God, I was given a body to experience this life on earth and through it I will honor Him. I know that I have the Holy Spirit inside me every day, and if my life can bring someone else closer to God, I want it to show in my journals.

It gives me time to reflect on what happened during my day and where God showed me His light. I find it hard to go through a journal without feeling God tell me where He was at work throughout the day.

The excerpt might be short and sweet, or lengthy and comprehensive. To me, it does not matter how many pages it takes to illustrate my day; what matters most is how the pen paints the picture of my journey with the Lord. And that is why I journal every day.



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