4 Weeks

Like the title says, it has been 4 weeks since I left the comforts of Ames, Iowa for an incredible journey to Australia. Time has flown by like a feather in the wind, and I have met dozens of people here who have already had a significant impact on my life.

Ones from UniChurch like Matt Hearne and the people I’ve shared the Connect Series with have filled my Tuesday nights with deep God-filled discussions. Reality, which is the campus ministry run by Hunter Bible Church allows me to get in community with other believers my age on college every Thursday night.

Matt and his wife Chloe cooked pancakes for the colleges on Autonomy Day!

Others through the East basketball team keep me playing the game I fell in love with as a child. A little more rough and tough style of basketball in Australia that I’m getting used to!

Two bits of news for you that have maybe been unannounced:

1. I am training for a half-marathon! I’ve been running a few times per week, increasing mileage and discovering new places to run all over the city. Lately, I’ve been running out on the rugby/football fields next to East barefoot! If you have never run barefoot on grass, it’s immensely freeing and I have had incredible gains in speed and improvements in my running form in a short amount of time. The Beach 2 Brother Half-Marathon is a run starting on a beach and ending atop a mountain! Follow me on Strava to get updates on my progress! (Not trying to copy David Sibert on this one, but it’s funny that he also ran a half-marathon while he was here in spring of 2016.)


2. I grew a beard (and shaved it off). I had been growing a beard for these 4 weeks, ironically when I left Ames was the last time I shaved. I got fed up with it last night since it started to hurt and distract me too much, and it’s naturally too blonde. Props to Alex Kuechle, Jordan Baumgardner, and anyone else who grows a thick, dark beard. It takes more maintenance than you think and I now respect you more. Clean shaven now, and it’s gonna stay that way!

Thought I’d see what I look like with a mustache while I was shaving it down. Still terrible!

All in all, the last 4 weeks have seen a lot of changes in my life. From moving across the globe to beard-growing, the adventure is just getting started. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities to grow, for me and for you. So I’m going to continue following God’s path for me, wherever it may lead, and you should too!


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